Tuesday, November 21, 2017

WFW - Thanksgiving comes first.

This weeks prompts for Words for Wednesday are again being provided by Elephants Child, stop by her blog and let her know if you want to join in. Use all of the words, some of the words or whatever you choose, it is a great way to let the words write a story for you.

Our prompts this week are:

river, dashing, free, shrug, interest, naive
light, wax, winter, bucket, disillusioned, super

Thanksgiving comes first

Walking in a WINTER wonderland, DASHING through the snow, over the RIVER and through the woods!, Oh my goodness is it Christmas already? I am already hearing a medley of Christmas music everywhere that I turn and the Turkey is not even in the oven yet.

Am I NAIVE to think that Thanksgiving should come first?

We actually went shopping today for a cheap Thanksgiving tablecloth for Thursday, but I guess that we were in the wrong time period. Walking into our Dollar store you would have thought that Thanksgiving was already over with, I was more than a little DISILLUSIONED to find nothing Thanksgivingy at all, instead I saw SUPER sized displays of Christmas trees, ornaments, Santa hats, gift boxes, toothpaste, bobby pins and body WAX...oops that was the wrong aisle.

Needless to say there were no Thanksgiving tablecloths, nothing of INTEREST, nothing even close. Cindy and I looked through all the colors of tablecloths and nothing looked just right for our table, she finally held one up and with my answer being a SHRUG of my shoulders, Cindy opted for a multi colored striped party tablecloth instead of one with a Christmas theme, because it's not Christmas yet.

I zig zagged my way to the front of the store with Cindy's multi colored tablecloths, when all of a sudden it was like a LIGHT bulb went off in her head and she shouted, Wait Jimmy, I need some Scotch tape!

It just so happens that Scotch tape was on sale, being that people use it to wrap Christmas presents. I nearly tripped over a BUCKET of Scotch tape marked at the fantastic sale price of "Buy 1 at twice the price and get one FREE" and since it was on sale Cindy had me grab 2, then she began browsing the Christmas decorations.

It was then and there that I had to put my foot down because it's not time to be buying Christmas goodies yet, we have to keep our holidays in order, come on now everybody knows it's Thanksgiving first, then Black Friday, and then Christmas. OK Black Friday was just a joke but that's a whole other post, right now Thanksgiving comes first.

I held Cindy's hand and we walked towards the front of the store...

Sunday, November 19, 2017

The lost cell phone that wasn't

After our last Friday night pizza routine with the kids, we had a little situation that a lot of you can probably relate to. After a meal out there always seems to be something that happens, for us the biggest issue is usually leaving the to-go box behind, but this time Tim lost something a lot more near and dear to his heart...

We pushed Ray out to the car in his wheelchair, and got everybody and everything loaded, Benjamin had his possessions and we even remembered the pizza that was in the "to-go box", everyone was relaxed enjoying the nice feeling of a great evening and a full belly, Cindy put the car in reverse and was backing away from the restaurant when Tim yelled. Wait, wait, wait, has anybody got my phone!

Cindy hit the brakes throwing my head back into the headrest, and Tim is patting all of his pockets, the girls are looking through their purses, and Tim says, Last time I saw my phone it was laying on the table next to the pizza box, did anybody pick it up?

What's the matter? Cindy's dad asks. We are looking for Tim's phone, Cindy tells him. Tim's what? Phone, his what? Phone! Bone? Phone!! Oh where's his phone? We're looking for it Dad! Oh for God's sake can't these kids keep up with anything? He says.

Cindy picks up her phone and makes a call, Who are you calling? Her Dad asks. I'm calling Tim's phone. Why are you doing that, don't you know he lost it?

Elisa (Tim's wife) jumps out of the car and walks back into the restaurant. She notices that our table hasn't been cleared yet, expecting to find Tim's phone right where he left it she makes her way over to the table, the cell phone is not there.

She looks under all the discarded napkins on the table, and also checks the floor in case it was dropped and kicked underneath the table, nothing no cell phone anywhere. Thinking one of the employees may have picked it up she goes up to the counter to ask.

Now she has to wait in line because all of a sudden the New York Pizzeria is busy and there is only one person at the counter, while she waits Elisa is trying to listen for Tim's ringtone behind the counter, she knows that Cindy is calling it, this ain't her first rodeo as they say, she and Cindy have teamed up before looking for someone's lost cell phone.

Elisa has already imagined that someone behind that counter has her husband's phone and is probably going through all of his pictures, Oh No Not Tim's Pictures!, they are probably listening to his music, and ordering stuff off of Amazon on Tim's dime...She is mad now.

Back in the car everyone has settled down and stopped looking for the missing phone, Cindy and her Dad have stopped talking because Ray now understands the situation, Cindy has shut the engine off, and Benjamin has fallen asleep, the noise level in the car drops to nil, nada, zero, nothing, all of a sudden you could hear a pin drop, and guess what...

Young man in a tee shirt holding out a cell phone at arms length covering his face.
A "not so lost" cell phone.
I faintly hear a sound, a very quiet version of Tim's ringtone, I look over and see Tim's face frozen in fear as he reaches around into his back pocket and pulls out his cell phone. Oh my God! He yells as he jumps out of the car.

Elisa has just gotten to the counter and has begun asking about Tim's phone that by now she has convinced herself was stolen from the table, the clerk has denied that anyone has been out to retrieve anything from the table yet, and just before Elisa unleashes the wrath of the crazy lady looking for her stolen cell phone the front door bursts open.

Everyone turns to look at the door where Tim is peeking inside motioning for Elisa to come outside, she holds up her finger telling him to wait a minute, Tim holds his cell phone up and points to it. Elisa puts a fake smile on her face and apologizes to the clerk, she then turns back towards Tim and mouths "I hate you!" as she begins walking his way.

Tim did the only smart thing that he could at the time, he turned and ran for the car.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Friday night pizza

When our kids were small, every time we went to visit Cindy's parents in California, on Friday nights Cindy's parents took us out for pizza, and not just any pizza it was always pizza from the New York Pizzeria in Calimesa, California. As a matter of fact when Cindy and I were first married, on Friday night of our first visit to California we met the whole family for pizza at the New York Pizzeria.

Imagine this, the first time I met Cindy's brothers was over a New York Pizzeria pizza and a pitcher of beer. The new husband of their baby sister, and now I'm sitting across the table from, and being looked over by her three brothers, all at once. I find myself staring at three men much bigger than me, I'm out of my element, I'm in California for the first time ever for God's sake, an outsider, the new guy, staring down three guys that I don't know. It could have been pandemonium! We are at The New York Pizzeria with the whole family and I was afraid that no one would notice a little pandemonium, but in my favor Ray (Cindy's Dad) had already given me his blessing.

Two  of her brothers were more interested in the pizza than me, and one wanted to flex his muscles and let me know how his little sister would be treated. He was the smaller of the three and flexing muscles don't impress nor intimidate me anyway. The pizza was good and after a couple of slices and a mug of beer, he stopped strutting around like a bantam rooster and I guess that I passed the test because I'm still here after twenty plus years.

Needless to say Friday night is pizza night, and every visit to California after that included Friday night pizza, with the Family special, of an extra large sausage, pepperoni, and cashew pizza with all the side fixings, a pitcher of beer, and coke for the children and non drinkers.

When the kids were younger, we all sat around visiting and watching while the kids scarfed down the pizza, we always had to order extra because between all the running back and forth between the game machines and the parents for more quarters, the kids were never full of that good ole cashew pizza.

Our kids are all adults, Cindy and I now live in California and take care of her dad Ray. And when our kids come to visit they still want to go out for Friday night pizza. And not just any pizza, it has to be at The New York Pizzeria.

When Tim, Elisa, and Benjamin came out the last time, Tim really wanted to go out for pizza, Tim loves that sausage, pepperoni, and cashew pizza but I think he loves the memories of going out with Cindy's parents for the Friday night pizza routine more than the pizza itself.

Although I have seen Tim order two large pizzas to hide out in an ice chest so he could carry them back home to New Mexico, I have a feeling those pizzas never made it all the way to New Mexico, heck the empty pizza boxes probably landed in a road side rest area trash can somewhere in Arizona.

Now that Cindy's Mom is gone, and her Dad doesn't get around very good, we don't go to Friday night pizza that often anymore. Tim asked his Papa Ray if we could all go out for Friday night pizza and Ray simply told him no, said that we could order pizza and bring it home.

Tim told him that it wouldn't be the same, that he remembered always going to pizza with Nanu and Papa on Friday night's, and now that Benjamin was here that he wanted his son to have the same memories of Big Papa that Tim did.

We pushed Ray to the car in a wheelchair, pushed him into New York Pizzeria in that same chair, ordered the Family special, of an extra large sausage, pepperoni, and cashew pizza with all the side fixings and a pitcher of beer. And of course Cindy and Benjamin got their pitcher of Coke.

Benjamin ran back and forth between the game machines and his parents (and Mimi) asking for more quarters and ate his fill of pizza, Benjamin had a ball and believe it or not Ray had just as much fun as Benjamin did, Ray sat and laughed, he had pizza and a few mugs, but the best time he had was talking with Tim, going over memories and oohing and aahing over the "prized possessions" Benjamin was gaining from the quarter eating machines. Ray didn't really want to leave when it was time to go.

I'm not sure how many more Friday night pizzas we are going to have with Ray, but I do know that this was a great one. Four generations sitting around together eating the same pizza at the same restaurant they have been coming to since Cindy was a little girl.

I have a feeling that one day Benjamin just may walk into the New York Pizzeria with his children, and order a Family special of an extra large sausage, pepperoni, and cashew pizza with all the side fixings and a pitcher of beer. And of course a pitcher of Coke for Mimi.